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This Week's Virtual Backpack

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Virtual Backpack

What is Virtual Backpack?
The Virtual Backpack is PTA's attempt to get information to parents quickly and efficiently and with less paper waste. Announcements, upcoming events, documents and forms that were previously sent home in the Friday folders will now be included in the Backpack.

Why have a Virtual Backpack?
We as a PTA and as a school are trying to make a concerted effort to save paper, use our resources wisely, and eliminate waste.  In the past, we have relied on PTA volunteers to create the forms, print copies, cut papers, and stuff Friday folders. All of this is quite time consuming, creates an onslaught of paper and hinders a "one stop shop" for information for parents. The VBP is trying to streamline information such as reminders for Curriculum Night, Picture Day, Culver's Night reminders as well as documents that used to be printed. (You will still receive some paper forms.)  It's a good way to keep all parents and guardians informed without being overloaded. This virtual backpack effort can save thousands of dollars, and create a better sense of community with our parent group.

How is Virtual Backpack delivered?
On the last day of each week, the Virutal Backpack is sent out via Facebook, email and posted on the Homestead PTA website at .  The VB will contain announcements, dates for the coming week, links to flyers and documents and other miscellaneous information.

Who can receive the Virtual Backpack?
Any Homestead family with internet access and can receive the Virtual Backpack (see instructions under "How do I find the Virtual Backpack" below).

How often is Virtual Backpack delivered?
Generally once a week.  However, there may be pertinent announcements mid-week that are sent out in addition to the weekly Backpack.

How do I sign up for Virtual Backpack?
Ahhhh, so we've piqued your interest! ☺ GREAT!!  Click here to download a form to send back to school to receive the weekly email or like and/or visit the Homestead PA Facebok page or visiting the Homestead PTA website at and clicking on the Virtual Backpack link. The Virtual Backpack is posted to both of these sites on Friday of each week.