Teacher Appreciation

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Homestead Elementary School

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Teacher Appreciation

May 5th - May 9th

Dear Parent(s),

Please help us let our Homestead Staff know that we appreciate all they do for our children. We are asking that each child, and parent, write a personal letter of thanks to homeroom teachers. The letters don’t need to be long, just thoughtful. This is a no cost way to honor our staff! Please click here to download the template to write your notes if you have misplaced your copy or need more.

Send your letters to school ANYTIME during the week of May 5-9th, 2014. Each homeroom teacher will have a decorated bin/folder in which to keep their letters as they receive them.

Feel free to let any other teacher/staff know that you appreciate them with a small note of thanks as well! For example, your child may want to write a note to their PE teacher. Just send the letter to school in an envelope marked with their name so it will get put in their mailboxes.

In addition to your letters, the Teacher Appreciation Committee will be providing breakfast, lunch, ice cream bar, snacks, and small gifts throughout the week for all Homestead staff to enjoy. Thank you in advance for taking the time to write your letters!

The Teacher Appreciation Committee

What is it?

The Teacher Appreciation Committee helps to coordinate Teacher Appreciation Week, generally the first full week of May set aside for parents and students to show their gratitude for all that teachers do for our children.  The Committee Chair coordinates the events for the week which include acts of kindness for the teachers and staff at Homestead.

Want to help?  Contact Sherry Orrell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Program Ideas

Solicit Teachers for wish list -- to be handed out throughout the week.

Decorate the teacher lounge in the school’s theme for the year.

Theme box lunches.

Raffle prices every day during announcements.  

Have students wear their teacher’s favorite color.

Put out a flyer to let parents know appreciation week is coming.

Ask students and parents to write letters or short notes of appreciation.

Ask the teachers if they had time to answer this question: 'Why do you continue to teach with extreme buget cuts, lack of respect for the profession, larger and larger class sizes, and lack of respect from the children?' With the answers I included them on the front page of the flyer with the teacher’s name and grade and subject taught. These answers were amazing. Then I included on the back the ways we planned on letting them know they are appreciated:

Collect canned goods and non perishables for local food pantry in honor of SOUP-er Teachers

Highlighters in mailboxes with label 'It would be impossible to highlight all you do.'

Desk planners with next school year’s calendar of events

Create School Supplies "Cake" to help teachers prepare for following school year.

Walk of Appreciation: Ask students (and parent helpers) to come to school early one day. Provide them with chalk to write/draw notes to the teachers on the walkway into the building—one sidewalk block for each class. Teacher Appreciation Sharpies --  As a gift during teacher appreciation week, they each received a Sharpie marker with the following on an attached note: 'Let’s just put it in black and white: Thanks for making our kids so sharp.'

Mystery Feature Teacher on its bulletin board in the school lobby. The group selects a teacher and finds out interesting facts about that person’s family, hobbies, and schooling, among other things. The clues are then posted on the bulletin board, with arrows leading to a covered panel. Parents and students try to guess that month’s Feature Teacher based on the clues before lifting up the panel to reveal the picture and name of the mystery teacher.