Picture Presenter

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Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd., Aurora IL 60503

Main Line: 630.636.3100

Attendance Line: 630-636-3101


Picture Presenter

The Picture Presenter program is an art appreciation program, which exposes children to works of art.  It is designed to familiarize children with art so that they recognize story telling elements in all pictures and learn to look at art and their world with an “artist’s eyes.”  This program also introduces new vocabulary and further encourages analytical thinking.

Each month, the Picture Presenter introduces a print and facilitates a student discussion for 20-30 minutes.  It is imperative that as a picture presenter you are respectful of the time allotted for this program.  While making their daily lesson plans, teachers do not plan material for your assigned block of time.  If you leave after only 5-10 minutes, you could leave them with nothing scheduled to do for that time period.  Likewise, if your presentation runs too long, you could be cheating the class out of valuable instruction time.  If you are planning a project or craft to further introduce the artist, print, or technique that might require more time, you can ask the teacher for additional time.  Please be specific about the project you would like to do, as well as the time needed to complete it.

Please call one of the other presenters from your child’s class if you are unable to make it during your scheduled month.  If none can do it, please contact the committe chair.  Please do not simply skip your month.  The students miss the month’s print when this happens.

Thank you for volunteering.  Thank you for your creativity and your time.  They really do make a difference in the lives of all the students.  If at any time you still have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us the chair or any PTA Board member.