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Parenting Resources

Advocate with the PTA
In the context of PTA, advocacy is supporting and speaking up for children -  in schools, in communities, and before government bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children. PTA has a long,  successful history of influencing federal policy to promoted in education, health, and well-being of all children - resulting in kindergarten classes, child labor laws, school lunch programs. a juvenile justice system, and strengthened parent-teacher relationships.

You can influence policy by:
- VOTING in Elections.
- Signing up for PTA Takes Action Network at and respond to action alerts to reach legislators on important issues and legislation.

Content provided by National PTA:

Family Engagement

PTA & Harvard Family Research Project:
The U.S. Department of Education has pointed out that, “Under current law, family engagement is too often focused on a checklist of activities rather than on driving results, funding isn’t always targeted to the most effective practices, and family engagement is treated as a discrete activity rather than as an integrated strategy that should have a place across multiple programs.”

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Breaking New Ground

Keeping Our Kids Healthy

Now more than ever, across America, the physical and mental health needs of children have increased. Consider, for example, the fact that teachers report how common it is for many of their students to come to school without the benefit of breakfast or adequate sleep. We know that students who don’t eat well or don’t get enough rest; students who are anxious or depressed can’t work to their fullest potential in school.

The Illinois PTA believes in a focus on the whole child. We want our children to be “safe, healthy and successful in school and in life.” The PTA understands that health and education are inextricably linked. - source: Illinois PTA