Student & Family Directory

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Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd., Aurora IL 60503

Main Line: 630.636.3100

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Student and Family Directory

We are ready to launch the new Directory Spot App!  This app replaces the printed phone and address directory that has been sent home to PTA members in the past.  You will not receive a paper copy of the directory this year!

If you signed up and paid to be a PTA Member, you will be receiving an email from Directory Spot on Friday, October 6th with directions on how to download and sign in to Homestead’s Directory!  You will only get this email if you signed up and paid for your PTA membership. 

Friday morning, you will receive 2 emails. 

  • The first will come from No Reply at Directory Spot login which will instruct you to set up a password.  This is time sensitive so please set it up immediately. 
  • You will then receive a 2nd email from Homestead PTA using Directory Spot that will explain the details of the app. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDERS AS IT MAY GO INTO ONE OF THOSE FOLDERS. 

If you are not currently a member and you would like access to this exciting new app, please complete the attached PTA Membership form and submit the form along with your payment.

The Homestead PTA will be using a new App (Directory Spot), which will be available to all PTA members that includes a listing by class of each student in attendance at Homestead.  Every student's name is listed even for families who choose not to become PTA members but   contact information is only provided for those students where a permission form is on file.  Due to privacy restrictions, only contact information for students with a permission slip on file will be made available on the App.  PTA Membership must be renewed each year and members must complete a  Membership Renewal form for access to the new Directory Spot App.

PTA Membership is critical for us to be able to sponsor PTA events throughout the school year. Paid membership is also the only way to gain access to the directory app.  Please support the PTA by completing the Membership Form.  The Directory Permission Slip alone does not give you access to the directory app. It allows paid members to access this information.  The Directory Permission slip  allows us to publish only the information that you indicate on the form.

The new Directory Spot App is a great way to  connect with fellow Huskies, organize class parties and can make birthday invites easier.  For questions about the new Directory Spot App, PTA Membership or either of these two forms, contact Amy Coleman at 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Directory FAQs

How do I get a copy of the directory?
You must be a current Member of Homestead PTA. Membership is annual and must be renewed each year. If you believe you are a member and should receive a directory, please contact the committee chair. If you aren’t currently a member and would like a directory, become a member by turning in this form.

I filled out a membership form, why isn’t my information published in the directory?
Based on our current forms, you must complete both a membership form and a directory form to have your information published. The membership form is for PTA records and does not provide consent for the PTA to publish your mail address, email address or phone number.  If a directory consent form is not received, the PTA will publish your student’s name with their class but no additional information will be included.

How do I get my children’s information published?
A permission form is filled out that provides consent for the PTA to publish information of your choosing in the directory. A directory permission form is sent home at the beginning of the school year for EACH child. Complete the form and return it to the school by the return date and your student’s information will be published.

Why is only one of my children’s information published?
Parental information may differ by student, therefore a directory consent form must be completed for EACH student.

When are directories released?
Directories are delivered in mid-late October to the youngest child of each PTA member.