Treasurer's Corner

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Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd., Aurora IL 60503

Main Line: 630.636.3100

Attendance Line: 630-636-3101


Treasurer's Corner

Volunteers: Here are a few reminders for the processes and forms we need you to use this year. For quick reference, check out the Homestead PTA Financial Quick Reference Guide for Committee Chairs and Executive Board. Don’t hesitate to call or or e-mail me with any questions. Thanks for your cooperation and I look forward to working with you!

--  Chris Bartos

Exemption Tips Tax Exempt Form (contact Treasurer)
When purchasing for your committee, here are some stores that accept our tax exempt form: Target ,The Dollar Store, Wal-Mart (see service desk first to obtain authorization), Staples, GFS, Jewel, Dominick’s, Meijer, The Party

Expense Reimbursements
Please review the Expense Policy for details. Complete an Expense Voucher for ALL expenses submitted, including those which are payable to vendors for your committee’s event.


Please review the Money Deposit Procedure for details.  Make sure you...

    • Never deposit PTA money in your own account.
    • Do not use receipts collected to pay PTA expenditures.  
    • DO NOT HOLD CHECKS!!!! Holding checks causes a burden for some families and can increase the instances of NSF checks.
    • If you are a Committee Chair doing an ongoing or large event (such as Fall Fundraiser, Yearbooks, Spirit Wear, HEY, etc…) and are receiving many checks and large amounts of cash please make frequent smaller deposits to the PTA Treasurer. Do not wait until the end of your event to turn in the entire deposit.
    • Complete a Deposit Tally /Verification Form.  If you need an Excel Version of this form compatible to your home PC, please contact the Treasurer. 

Cash Box Request

Review the Cash Box Procedure for details. Highlights: 

- Try to request funds at least one week before the event, this allows coordination to withdrawal funds from the bank.

- Cash Box Starting Inventory Form should accompany any money received and returned with the funds to be deposited at the end of the event.

Budgets filed for Audits

Please contact the Treasurer.

Click here for a complete list of Budget Descriptions.