Labels for Education

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Homestead Elementary School

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Labels for Education

Just clip the Labels for Education logo with UPC code from your Campbell's soup, SpaghettiO's, Post cereals, Prego, Bic, Tyson products and more and send them to school for your child to drop into the designated collection containers in the Learning Center or to their classroom teacher.

Make sure you place them in an envelope or zip top baggie, and label the bag with the teacher's name and grade.

Each year, we hold a classroom contest to see who can bring in the most box tops and labels. These contests begin at the start of the school year and run until May, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners winning their choice of a pizza party or an ice cream party. There are also other contests throughout the year with various prizes.

Labels are worth different point amounts that add up to art supplies, fitness tools and classroom aids.

What Does Our Fundraising Support?

Through our fundraising efforts and parent support, Homestead PTA is able to offer programs, events and school support. Look below to learn more about each of the PTA-sponsored items and what percent of the budget is allocated to that area.
- School Support 5%
- Academic Enrichment/Culture & Arts 20%
- Family & Fun 30%
- Services 10%
- Clubs and Enrichment Classes 25%
- Administration 10%

What Labels Should I Clip?

Ready to start clipping, but not sure what products to look for.  Click here to find a list of all products.


Want to Help?

If you are interested in helping with this committee or want to learn more, please contact Dee Spain at