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Homestead Elementary School

2830 Hillsboro Blvd., Aurora IL 60503

Main Line: 630.636.3100

Attendance Line: 630-636-3101



The Beautification Committee volunteers help to beautify the school property by planting, weeding, spreading mulch and general clean-up of the grounds.  This work is done on an as-needed bases. 

Also, typically, once in Fall and once in Spring, the Beautification Committee hosts a "Beautification Day".  Volunteers are asked to come out to the school and work on the grounds in a group effort.   These Beautification Days are a lot of fun for everyone - kids and all!


The fall clean up date will be from 9-11 a.m.  If everyone can pitch in for a few hours, the clean up should be quick. We will be trimming small bushes if needed, weeding, raking, and picking up garbage.


This is a family/Homestead community event, so bring the kids, encourage your friends, and nudge your neighbors to come help out for a few hours!  Great opportunity for scout troops, too! The more people we have, the quicker we can get done! 


Items to bring with you :
 - Gardening gloves
 - Rakes
 - Small gardening tools such as spades and gardening shears to remove weeds, dead bushes, etc.
 - Shovels (To help turn over mulch and clean up landscaping edge)
 - If a few people could also bring their leaf blowers, that would be very helpful.


There will be hot drinks to keep the adults and the kids warm and moving, as well as some light snacks.  The school (at door #3 only) will also be open to allow us access to the restrooms.


Thanks again for your commitment to keeping our school beautiful!  

Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.


Jen Sucharzewski

Homestead Beautification 

630-946-4280 or

Beautification Goals and Dates

Come on out and make our school as beautiful as it can be.  This year's Beautification Days are Nov. 7th and April 24th.  Stay tune for exact times and goals.